Grounds & Custodial Services


Service Frequency
Cleaned 1 time per week
Walls and doors free of dust, fingerprints, and soil buildup 1 x per week
Empty wastebasket, replace liner if necessary 1 x per week
Furniture dusted 1 x per week
Floors or carpet: dust mop and wet mop or vacuum 1 x per week
Carpet cleaning/shampooing By request at departmental cost
Hard floor stripping, sealing, waxing By request at departmental cost


Service Frequency
Cleaned weekly Weekly
Handrails and walls free of dust, graffiti and soil 1 x per week
Steps and landings sweep and wet mop 1 x per week
High and low dusting 1 x per week


Service Frequency
Dispensers fully supplied and operating properly Daily check, M-F
All restrooms are cleaned daily Daily, M-F
Washbasins disinfected Daily, M-F
Mirrors clean and free of film Daily, M-F
Partition doors and walls clean and free of graffiti (unless permanent) Daily, M-F
Toilets and urinals entire fixture including handles disinfected and free of soil Daily, M-F
High and low dusting Weekly
Refuse emptied and liner replaced Daily, M-F


Service Frequency
High and low dusting Cleaned 2 x per week
Dust mop and wet mop floor 1 x per week
High and low dusting 1 x per week
Empty wastebaskets, replace liners if necessary. Infectious waste, sharps, and biohazard waste are Departmental responsibility 2 x per week
*Student Health exam rooms Cleaned and disinfected daily
Window cleaning By request at departmental cost
Carpet cleaning By request at departmental cost

Grounds Services

Service Frequency
Mow lawns 1 x per week
Edge lawns Once every month
Prune foundation shrubs Quarterly or as needed
Clean walkways 1 x per week max, or less as directed by supervisor
Irrigation Scheduled to meet plant needs, repairs made as needed
Exterior refuse containers including refuse component of recycle clusters Checked daily Monday thru Friday, liners replaced daily or 3 times per week
Exterior recycling clusters – recyclables only Emptied daily, 3 x, or 1 x per week as needed by A. S. Recycling
Weed control As needed to meet APPA Level 3 Standards

Departmental Kitchens

Service Frequency
Refuse removed Daily, M-F
Floors mopped Daily, M-F
Floor stripping, sealing, waxing By request at departmental cost
Washing Departmental dishes, making coffee, et cetera, is not done by Custodians Not provided

Building Maintenance Services

Service Frequency
Heating, ventilating and air conditioning equipment preventive maintenance 2 x per year or as needed based upon equipment type
Replacing light bulbs As needed
Electrical switches, circuit breakers, fixtures, wiring As needed
Plumbing fixture repairs: dripping faucets, etc. As needed
Repairs to doors and windows, ceiling and floor tiles As needed
Window washing By request at departmental cost
Exterior pavement pressure washing in high-traffic areas By request at departmental cost
Interior painting: assignable space By request at departmental cost
Interior painting: hallways, restrooms Evaluated every 5 years or by Facilities’ decision
Exterior painting/recladding Evaluated every 10 years
Exterior painting/recladding/non-state buildings By request at departmental cost
Roof repairs As needed
Roof repairs/non-state buildings By request at departmental cost
Elevator maintenance As required by code
Life Safety Equipment: fire alarms, smoke alarms, Inspected and maintained as required by equipment
Wall-mounted fire extinguishers Inspected monthly
Access control systems By request at departmental cost
Eye wash stations Tested monthly, repaired as needed
Integrated Pest Management Treated after evaluation

Entrance Lobbies, Hallways and Elevators

Service Frequency
Waste baskets Emptied daily
Floors wet mopped Two times per week or more as needed
Walls free of dust and soil As needed
Entrance doors, glass, handles and frame cleaned Daily
Entrance mats free of mud, dust and debris Daily
Drinking fountains cleaned and disinfected Daily
Floors dust mopped Daily
Elevators clean walls, dust mop/wet mop/vacuum Daily

Classrooms, Lecture Halls and Conference Rooms

Service Frequency
Cleaned daily Daily
Chalkboards wiped down, tray cleaned, chalk replaced Daily
Floors dust mop and wet mop Daily
Graffiti removal (non-permanent) Daily
High and low dusting Daily
Empty wastebaskets and recycling, replace liners if necessary Daily