Jeff and Judy Henley Hall (Institute for Energy Efficiency)

Institute for Energy Efficiency, Henley Hall
Longitudinal Section Perspective, Institute for Energy Efficiency, Henley Hall
Looking east along the grove, Institute for Energy Efficiency, Henley Hall
Atrium Update Level 2, Institute for Energy Efficiency, Henley Hall

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Jeff and Judy Henley Hall is a 49,900 GSF building that consists of both wet and dry labs, collaborative break-out spaces, conference rooms, a 124 seat lecture hall, and faculty and administrative offices. The structure of the three story building is primarily concrete and steel in nature. Exterior finishes include a north facing curtain wall, terra cotta panels, sandstone, and vertical and horizontally oriented terra cotta elements for shading. One of the most unique features of this building is the three story open-air atrium that will allow for ambient air flow throughout the primary public spaces on all three floors of the easterly wing.

Upcoming Activity

November 2018

  • Slurry in under-slab electrical
  • Site utility installation @ West end of site – Sewer, chilled water, domestic water, gas
  • Tie in storm drain @ West end of site
  • Minor grading, installation of “rumble” plates onto site @ Mesa Road entrance
  • Electrical installations – Temporary power, site and building electrical bank, complete under slab electrical
  • Installation of elevator jack casing and sleeve
  • Excavation for perimeter and thickened footings
  • Installation of fill rock and under-slab vapor barrier
  • “Place” (pour) elevator slab
  • Complete under-slab plumbing installation
  • Installation of additional safety signage
  • Deliver storage containers to laydown yard
  • Onboarding of early trade Subcontractors
  • Ongoing SWPP maintenance
  • Extend temporary power and internet to Subcontractors trailers
  • Ongoing survey work

October 2018

  • Install project monument signage
  • Move out of Section 1 and into Sections 2 & 3 of chilled water route (bike parking & bike path)
  • Goleta Water District completing work at northwest corner
  • Fire lane at northwest corner / Alumni House reinstated
  • Deliveries and hauling - material deliveries to site (primarily MEP), hauling off spoils and debris
  • Ongoing maintenance of SWPP items - silt fence, straw waddle, gravel bags, storm inlet protection
  • Equipment deliveries
  • Underground utilities being installed below slab - MEP's
  • Ongoing surveying
  • Ongoing mobilization at the Mesa Road and Los Carneros Road lay down lot
  • Continued onboarding of subcontractors

September 2018

  • Install site utilities
  • Mass excavation and rough grading
  • Temporary power brought onto site for construction
  • Install any additional temporary irrigation needed
  • Stabilize and mobilize the Contractor storage yard
  • Install SWPP required BMP's at the Contractor storage yard
  • Remove, cut and cap utilities - ongoing
  • Over-excavate and recompact for building pad
  • Relocate fire hydrant at east end of Parking Lot 12
  • Install new storm drain across bike path in front of Phelps Hall entry
  • Continue to install new chilled water piping off site
  • UCSB, Contractor, and Subcontractors moving onto site

August 2018

  • Install project signage
  • Deliver storage bins to laydown site
  • Conduct preparatory and pre-installation meetings for early trade contractors
  • Installation of temporary construction water meters
  • Install SWPPP items: silt fence, straw waddle, gravel bags, storm inlet protection
  • Install stabilized entrance to site gates - gravel/rock/rumble plates
  • Install temporary power for trailers, site, and temp lighting
  • Install temporary irrigation for trees - protect in place
  • Survey demolition boundaries, saw cut locations, control points, and grid lines
  • Survey hydronic piping route
  • Utilities to be removed - pot hole, cut and cap
  • Electrical - safe off circuits
  • Demolish parking islands, install asphalt paving, set up k-rails to create 20' fire lane
  • Install new fire hydrant at east end of Parking Lot 12
  • Install new storm drain across bike path in front of Phelps Hall entry