Design Review Committee



The Design Review Committee (DRC) is a committee comprised of faculty, staff, and student representatives, as well as consulting architects, that operates jointly under the aegis of the campus administration and the Academic Senate and reports directly to the Chancellor on issues of architectural and landscape design at UCSB. It considers campus planning, architecture, landscape architecture, and the integration of art into the campus landscape.


The Design Review Committee is responsible for assisting the campus in achieving design of the highest possible quality for UCSB.  This includes the design of buildings, siting and arrangement of buildings and other features, circulation, landscape, and other environmental matters.  The DRC will be attentive to balancing the interests of individual building projects with the need for a well-planned campus as a whole.  Periodically the DRC will review campus design guidelines and master planning.  The Committee will make its recommendations to the Chancellor, and will also forward its reports to the Campus Planning Committee.

The Office of Budget and Planning will consult with the DRC on campus design matters, although the Office of Budget and Planning will be responsible for the preparation of physical planning documents, including environment impact reports, long range development plans, area plans, transportation plans, design guidelines, landscape plans, and other campus plans.

Small matters of design may be dealt with by the staff of Design and Construction, Budget and Planning, and the co-chairs of the DRC, although some issues small in scope or budget may be directed to the full committee if the design significance of the matter is deemed especially important by either of the co-chairs.


The DRC shall consist of twelve members:

  • 3 - Consulting architects (one a landscape architect)
  • 1 - Associate Vice Chancellor for Design, Construction, and Facilities Management (the AVC)
  • 4 - Faculty appointed by the Committee on Committees; at least three shall be members of the Senate's Committee for Capital Projects
  • 2 - Student representatives (one undergraduate, one graduate)
  • 1 - Staff representative
  • 1 - Public arts representative, ordinarily the director or one of the curators of the University Art Museum

The committee shall be headed by co-chairs, one the AVC, the other a member of the Senate. In addition, the chair of the Committee on Capital Projects will be an ex-officio member of the DRC.

Note: The designation of three faculty appointments being members of the Committee for Capital Projects may be changed when the Academic Senate reviews its committee structures.

Position within the Decision-making Process

While the DRC offers its advice directly to the Chancellor, it also reviews the projects before they are presented to the CPC (Campus Planning Committee) so that the latter also bas the benefit of the DRC's recommendations. The recommendations of both the DRC and CPC are submitted to the Chancellor together.

The DRC planning stage review focuses on the relationships of the proposed building to its site and the fabric of the campus, both in plan and in three dimension.

With regard to the design review process for major capital projects, each project has a building committee, composed in pan of users that works closely with the architects in developing a design that responds to program requirements. The DRC is the entity that is concerned with design review.  The DRC sees each project at three stages: the conceptual stage; at the completion of 50% schematics; and at 100% schematics.  Review by DRC frequently continues into the design development phase for such elements as landscape design.


Voting Members
Susannah Scott, Co-Chair - Senate Chair
Renée Bahl, Co-Chair - Associate Vice Chancellor
Dennis McFadden, Architect - Design Consultant
Derrik Eichelberger, Landscape Architect - Design Consultant
Jeff Kirkby - GSA Student Representative
Julie Eizenberg, Architect – Design Consultant
Julie Hendricks, Campus Architect, Staff Representative – Design & Construction Services
Marc Vukcevich - AS Student Representative
Silvia Perea - University Art Museum
Swati Chattopadhyay - Senate Appointed Faculty Representative
VACANT – Senate Appointed Faculty Representative
VACANT – Senate Appointed Faculty Representative

Non-Voting Members
Dawn Holmes - Ex-Officio
Leslie Colasse, Staff Support – Design & Construction Services

Agenda Packet

03.11.21 DRC Agenda Packet
04.15.19 DRC Agenda Packet


05.20.20 DRC Minutes