Small Projects Process Phases

Project Initiation

  • Division/Department (Client) has a need for construction services arising from faculty recruitment, change in use, and submits Project Initiation Form, etc.
  • Preliminary discussions with Design and Construction services (DCS) re: project goals, general scope, project cost, and timeframe


  • Client and Faculty stakeholders determine more specific scope, and detailed requirements for the project
  • DCS determines who can provide architectural services (in-house vs. consultant)
  • Consultant or DCS prepares schematic drawings
  • DCS prepares estimate and schedule
  • Estimate and drawings are reviewed by Client
  • Meeting is held between DCS and Client to review scope, estimate and schedule
  • DCS and Client agree on scope, budget and timeline
  • Client confirms funding for the project

Minor Capital Project Review

  • If project is over $35,000 and less than $1M, must be approved as a Minor Capital Project – requires approval from Dean/Provost, Department/Control Point, Budget Office and the Chancellor
  • If project is more than $1M a Capital Improvement Budget (CIB) is prepared

Bid Process

  • Construction documents are prepared by in-house staff or consultant architect depending on timing and complexity
  • If the project construction cost is between $50,000 - $100,000, informal bidding process allows DCS to obtain 3 bids
  • If the project construction cost is greater than $100,000, formal bidding process requires advertising
  • Bids are reviewed and contractor is selected

Contract Review and Sign

  • Contract is reviewed and signed
  • Notice to proceed (NTP) is issued


  • Construction begins
  • Client is notified if change order is needed
  • Monthly or weekly progress report is provided to client