Jeff and Judy Henley Hall (Institute for Energy Efficiency)

Henley Hall exterior
Henley Hall mountain side
Henley Hall, third floor atrium
Henley Hall, third floor lab
Henley Hall, third floor lab hood
Henley Hall, grad room
Henley Hall exterior

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In September of 2020 Sundt Construction, Inc. completed Jeff and Judy Henley Hall, which houses the Institute for Energy Efficiency. The 49,908-square-foot, three-story facility, designed by the architectural firm Kieran Timberlake, includes a 128-seat lecture hall, 18 laboratories, 26 offices, conference rooms and group office spaces that accommodate 174 graduate students.

The building design creates a prime research space and leading paradigms in energy efficiency. It features extensive natural lighting, adaptable laboratory space for evolving research needs, and intelligent energy monitoring and control systems with interactive displays. The project is targeting LEED® Platinum certification with LED lighting and 40% energy savings over similar lab buildings. Both lighting and windows adjust with the building control systems.

The building was funded by alumni donors Jeff and Judy Henley, with a $50 million gift to the College of Engineering in 2012, and alumna donor Shawn Byers and her husband Brook, gifting more than $14.5 million.

Thanks to these generous donors, IEE will now be able to expand its research in a number of important directions. Among them: a dedicated experimental data center, more efficient data communication, novel architectures and novel cooling approaches. In addition, there are several laboratories dedicated to quantum computing, and multiple laboratories focused on more efficient chemical processing. They will also be able to expand their solid-state lighting research on campus.