Acknowledging Commitment & Excellence (ACE) SPOT & Achievement Awards


The ACE Awards are Design, Facilities and Safety Service’s (DFSS) way of acknowledging staff (individual or team) who have made an extraordinary effort in the workplace. In addition to their regular responsibilities, they accomplished something special or exemplified extraordinary commitment to the workplace and our mission.

Award Types:

  • SPOT Award “In-the-moment Contributions”- Recognition of special contributions, as they occur, for a specific project or task, generally for a special contribution accomplished over a relatively short time period.
  • Achievement Award “Substantial change over time” - Recognition of sustained, exceptional performance and/or significant contributions over an extended period of time which represents a major portion of the employee’s area of responsibilities, including performance or project goals above and beyond normal performance expectations.

Award Guidelines and Frequency:

  • Awards will be given at the end of each fiscal year (Summer) and calendar year (Winter):
    • Summer Awards:
      • Submission Deadline: May 15
      • Award Announcement: June
    • Winter Awards:
      • Submission Deadline: Mid-November
      • Award Announcement: Mid-December
  • Awards will be a certificate and a $75 gift card for each staff member
  • A staff member or team may be recommended based on achievement completed within the past twelve months.
  • Recommendations can be submitted by any staff member of DFSS; recommendations may not be submitted anonymously.

Award Qualifications:

  • Eligible employees are any benefits-eligible, exempt or non- exempt members of DFSS.
  • Eligible employees must be in good standing.
  • If a team is recommended, each member of the team must meet the above qualifications.

Nomination Process:

  • Click here to access the recommendation form
  • Recommendations will be reviewed by the Recognition Committee which consists of a diverse, representative group including managers, staff and HR representative.
  • Should you have any questions or need to submit additional information, please email the Recognition Committee at